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Fuzhou Anderson Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Fuzhou Anderson Crafts Co., Ltd. 
Fuzhou Anderson Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. Its predecessor, Minhou Yu-Cheng Handicraft Factory, was founded in 2000, 13 years ago. The company has its registered capital of 1.00 million yuan and fixed assets of over 13 million yuan. It has more than 80~100 employees, among which there are 5 staff of management and 10 innovation technicians. The company is a manufacturing and distributing company involved in R&D, producing and marketing various styles and grade of arts & crafts, which are mainly delicate wooden furniture, cabinet, decorative boxes, folding screens, hanging board, iron products, bamboo products, straw products, willow products, as well as glass, ceramics, pl…
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